Emergency Medical Services Equipment Inventory and Checklists

Click on the gear or apparatus below to launch an inspection form checklist. While doing the gear check and you find something is missing or can't be immediately corrected/replaced, check "No" in the form. Use the comments section in each form to explain or note any gear issues, missing items, or expired items that you did not replace. Forms must be completed while connected to the internet (i.e. take the Verizon Hotspot in 581 with you to the Fire Boat). The Chromebook should automatically connect to WiFi at both fire stations. If you encounter problems or have questions call Mike at 712-330-2316.

Rescue Truck (581)

Thomas Pack

Airway and Suction Bags

EMS Cabinet

Rear Cabinets

Other EMS Kits

Fire Boat/Air Boat

Command Truck

Equipment Truck

Inspection Summary

Outdate summary