Fire - Our department trains in fire suppression and containment. Our services include use of an aerial, engine, and two grass trucks. Our members are trained in fire suppression, hazard materials emergencies, vehicle extrication, and search and rescue.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) - Several department members hold EMS qualifications as emergency medical responders, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics. Our department tiers with the Lakes Regional Hospital paramedics and emergency department staff to provide a complete chain of emergency medical services for our patients.

Water Rescue - Department members are trained in open water and ice rescue techniques. The Lakes Area Fire Boat, rescue watercraft, air boat, and Sea Wolf inflatable give our members complete access to area lakes and rivers to make rescue possible in almost any weather or water condition.

Dive Team - The department's dive team includes several public safety divers, tenders, and support personnel. The team's divers have qualifications and training to allow them to operate in a number of hazardous environments and conditions. The team relies on the latest mapping and sonar technology to maximize efforts and efficiency.